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Confidentiality Agreement

This deed of  confidentiality is made pursuant  to  a potential purchase by  the Recipient of  the Business  (the Transaction) and is given by the Recipient for the benefit of Australian Property Resources Pty Ltd its officers and employees (APR) and the vendor of the Business.

In consideration of  the Vendor and/or  APR providing  to  the Recipient a business profile, financials and any  other  information  relating  to  the  Business  and  all  notes  and  copies  of  it  made  by  the  Recipient  (the Confidential Information), the Recipient acknowledges that:

  •  it will keep the Confidential Information confidential (except as required by law) and will not disclose or otherwise use the Confidential Information to disadvantage the vendor of the Business or to gain an advantage over APR or the vendor of the Business;
  • it will use the Confidential Information solely to determine whether the Recipient wishes to enter into the Transaction;
  •  it  will  not  disclose  or  allow  access  to  the  Confidential  Information  to  any  person  other  than  to professional advisors, directors or employees (the Additional Recipients) of the Recipient solely on a need to know’ basis for the purpose of obtaining advice and/or recommendations in respect of the Transaction provided that all Additional Recipients agree in writing to be bound by this Confidentiality Agreement and undertake  to maintain strict security over  the Confidential Information according  to the terms of this document;
  • it  will  take  all  necessary  precautions  to  prevent  unauthorised  persons  from  gaining  access  to,  or copying Confidential Information;
  • it will not disclose  to any person  (other  than  those permitted under  this document)  that discussions have been held in relation to the Recipient’s potential purchase of the Business;
  • this  deed  does  not  create  or  transfer  any  interest  in  the  Confidential  Information  or  any  right  in  any intellectual property; and
  • it will upon request by APR or the vendor of the Business, deliver on demand all Confidential Information which is in the possession or under the power or control of the Recipient.
  1.  The Recipient agrees  to  indemnify  and keep  indemnified  APR and  the vendor of  the Business, and hold each of them harmless against all claims, proceedings, costs, expenses, loss or damage (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) that they may sustain or incur as a result of or in connection with, whether directly or indirectly, any breach of this Confidentiality Agreement by the Recipient.
  2. The Confidential  Information  is  provided  by  APR under  the  instructions  of  the Vendor  and  has  been prepared  from  information  supplied  by  the Vendor  and/or  their  advisors without detailed  examination  by  APR.

The documentation has been prepared with the utmost good faith, however no representation or warranty is made or given as to its content and no responsibility is taken for any errors or ommissions made by Australian Property Resources Pty Ltd in its preparation. Any interested party is strongly advised to make their own investigations and should take independant legal, accounting and technical advice as is normal business practice in conducting a due dilligence check.