About Us

We identified a need and then set about establishing a boutique style Real Estate Agency with experienced specialists focusing on delivering quality personalised services to our customers.


Your requirements might include buying or selling a  business and, be  it a general business (any size or industry), a francise, motel, caravan park or hotel we have the expertise to assist. Perhaps you are looking for your first home, an apartment or an investment property, then our team includes the right people. We  even provide a high quality and cost effective property management service


We intend to grow in a steady manner that wont make our customers just a number. We don't aspire to the principal of "List as many properties as possible and the sales simply come" because we certainly don’t believe this offers clients any added value.

Our approach is based on honesty, integrity, accountability and being accessible when required. Confidentiality is paramount.

 High pressure salesmanship....no.

Our results will be achieved by patiently assisting clients to obtain sufficient accurate information on which to make the correct informed decision resulting in a satisfactory result.


By the way, we can also assist with introduction to  other affiliated specialists and professionals including Finance Brokers, Banks, Solicitors, Accountants, Migration Agents etc